Fresno, CA

Sq. Ft.

2,677 + 5,100

Year Started / Completed

2017 / In Progress

Construction Partner

Reza Assemi

The Craycroft House holds a rich history and significance, making it an iconic landmark that locals hold dear. Threatened with demolition in 2016, the goal of this passion project is to renovate the existing building to fit current standards while keeping the historical structure intact. This ambitious endeavor, led by PHA client Reza Assemi, embraces the fusion of historic preservation and contemporary design, aiming to create a seamless blend of boutique residential living and a unique retail experience.

With the purpose of accommodating a future retail and speakeasy tenant, as well as offering residential lofts, the Craycroft House demands a carefully crafted solution. The client’s vision is site-focused, aiming to incorporate ample formal garden space and maintain the essence of the historic setting.

One of the primary challenges facing the design and construction team is to balance the preservation of history with modern upgrades to meet ADA accessibility and seismic requirements. Their solution involves a delicate dance, ensuring the careful restoration of the historic residence while incorporating contemporary amenities and comforts. In collaboration with the city authorities, the team successfully gained approval for housing use within the retail zone, which allowed for a harmonious coexistence of residential and commercial spaces. By reducing the number of residential units and increasing the parking count, neighbor concerns are addressed while ensuring sufficient accessibility.

Behind the Craycroft House, the newly designed residential apartments maintain a unique flair, keeping their identity distinct from the historic brick in compliance with Secretary of Interior standards. They subtly draw inspiration from the past, incorporating window proportions and sturdy walls that echo the building’s original character. At the heart of this project lies the beautiful garden, being designed to honor June Craycroft’s passion for gardening and pay homage to her legacy as a master gardener. The Craycroft House Restoration Project stands as a testament to the power of passion and vision in bringing life back to historic landmarks.

Renderings prepared by Broussard and Associates Landscape Architects.