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Landmark Commons is a collaborative project that brings together the County of Fresno and the City of Clovis. The project, envisioned as a new civic hub in Old Town Clovis at the intersection of Clovis Avenue and 3rd Street, will feature a new Senior Center and Transit Center operated by the City of Clovis. This civic investment will replace outdated facilities and provide for programming to meet the needs of the entire cross section of the community. PHA was selected by the City of Clovis to masterplan the project and design the Senior Center and Transit Center, as well as the surrounding site work.

The 29,000-square-foot Senior Center will provide space for various activities such as art, yoga, dance classes, a wellness room, meeting rooms, a billiards room, and plenty of places to socialize. A large multi-purpose room and kitchen will support daily lunches and programs, and will also be available for other community and private events. The 7,200-square-foot Transit Center will serve as the hub for the City of Clovis Transit Department and will feature administrative offices, ticket sales spaces, waiting areas, and a large community room.

In the 19th century, lumber from the Sierra Nevada was transported by flume to be milled in what is now the City of Clovis. For nearly 100 years, the Landmark Commons site was occupied by the Clovis Lumber Yard. Heralding the role of the lumber industry that helped launched the City of Clovis, the architectural character of the project was carefully conceived to embrace and respect the role of lumber and the craft of carpentry. Gently undulating roofs supported on laminated wood “pinched” columns detailed with galvanized steel connections establish a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Exterior walls are clad in reclaimed lumber and repurposed corrugated metal roofing panels from the original lumber yard structure. Program, form, material, and detail come together to create buildings that are contemporary expressions of the times in which we live while respecting the history of the place where we live.