A generalist firm, with a boutique – design forward culture, the PHA team is lean but steeped in experience and expertise. With licensed architects, certified interior designers, LEED APs, and high-performing support staff, we are dedicated to the creative design firm dynamic that flourishes in our studio.

Paul Halajian, AIA, LEED, AP

Principal Architect

A thoughtful advocate of high performance design for more than 35 years, Paul brings an innovator’s zeal to every project. Under his leadership since 2010, PHA has maintained dedication to the highest level of architecture practice.

Jamie Steinmetz , AIA, LEED AP

Senior Associate

Jamie is a rigorous, insightful and astute designer. She knows how buildings come together and brings an unsurpassed attention to detail. Informed by more than a decade of design and project management experience, Jamie oversees multiple projects from concept to design through to construction and finishing.

Carolyn Halajian

Executive Director of Finance and Administration

While coordinating daily operational functions and streamlining management systems, Carolyn brings a warmth to the workplace. She has over two decades of experience in coaching team members to create a healthy work environment and promotes excellence in our corporate culture.

Peter Lau

Senior Associate

A true professional, Peter transforms concepts into reality, ensuring functionality, safety, and creative vision. He possesses a unique balance of design skill and technical proficiency that allows him to seamlessly meet project goals and operational standards, bringing PHA projects to life.

Shaunt Yemenjian, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP

Senior Associate

An artful communicator, Shaunt is highly skillful in translating the clients’ vision into inspiring places of beauty and performance. In architecture practice for over two decades, he firmly believes that architecture must have meaning in order to inspire.

Rita Avila Jimenez

Associate, Interior Design

Working in the interior design field since 1998, Rita brings experience in translating clients needs, goals and personality into well-performing, beautifully finished spaces. She takes pride in problem solving the age-old relationship between budget, timeline and needs for a project, and values harmony in her design solutions.

Stephanie Say, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP

Senior Architect

With a passion for researching precedents, Stephanie is able to focus on the larger picture – how the building scale will influence the context. She seamlessly integrates historic concepts into new, innovative designs without losing sight of the project’s programmatic needs.

Adriana Duarte-Dionicio


Adriana is highly focused on moving a project forward in order to deliver a well-rounded and well-thought-out end product to the client and the user. As someone who thinks about how the layout, materials, organization, and décor of a project affect the user experience she is a true architect with a variety of skills.

Andres Diaz


Andres believes in socially responsible design and innovation that arrives through collaboration. He finds inspiration through constant dialogue with creatives, beyond architecture and geographical bounds, and is committed to the built environment of the Central Valley.

Kari Trenhaile


Kari brings a wide range of projects under her belt, and an enthusiasm and eye for detail to all she takes on. She brings skills in master planning and sustainability projects, along with expansive K-12 experience.

Tessa Williamson

Director of Marketing

With a trained eye for strategic brand cohesion, Tessa brings over two decades of creative and marketing experience to highlight the firm’s impact. She values authenticity in the marketing space, and endeavors to share the nuances of the firm’s personality with its audiences.

Olivia Speck

Project Administration

Olivia is energetic, determined to be successful, and takes initiative to find a solution to any situation. She values representing the very best of the firm, and her ability to navigate the details of the business have proven invaluable as a liaison between the organization and the craft.

Arnoldo Espindola

Project Manager

Andres believes in socially responsible design and innovation that arrives through collaboration. He finds inspiration through constant dialogue with creatives, beyond architecture and geographical bounds, and is committed to the built environment of the Central Valley.

Shannon Adams

Interior Designer

Her dexterity and experience as a skilled designer allows her to effortlessly carry out a diverse range of project typologies. Budget and performance play a big role in how she chooses quality finishes for projects. Shannon is a self-motivated designer, exceptional in building quality client relationships, which results in beautiful design solutions.

Jinjin Huang

Interior Designer

Jinjin has an eye for details and leans into a more modern aesthetic for her interiors. Her academic focus on interior architecture has provided Jinjin with a strong foundation that contributes her approach to creating rich material palettes and details that support the overall design intent for each unique project.

Ismael Jimenez Gonzalez


Ismael has a passion for advancing initial concepts through to completion, while considering details and practicalities. He is skilled at preparing construction documents, and makes the effort to diligently study and research materials and processes in order to realize the intended design outcome.

Mark Halajian


Drawn to architecture from the influence of his father, Mark has continued on to study Urban Design. His goal is to find design solutions at both the scale of the individual building as well as the urban context that can unlock the true potential of the region.

Avery Huff


Avery was drawn to the balance of logic and creativity of architecture. A recent graduate, she finds inspiration in the intention behind buildings, and the way spaces create opportunities to bring people together. Her view of architecture as functional art keeps Avery motivated to continue to uncover the richness of architectural practice.

Adrian Lopez


Adrian is passionate about architecture, committed to impacting his community through his work. Confident and multi-disciplined, Adrian has a tenacity for learning all he can and advance professionally to master all aspects of practice.

Jerry Ortega


Transitioning recently from the entertainment industry to architecture, Jerry enjoys the more methodical process of understanding space, its design intent, and envisioning fluidity throughout a given environment. His design approach now is enriched by the concept that people will be engaging and accessing an environment that has a more long-term presence.

Jordan Gomez


Jordan is a life-long student of design, drawing architectural inspiration from his multifaceted life journey. Invested in the history and the evolution of architecture, Jordan prides himself on his ability to impact the built environment for the betterment of the community it serves.

Mireya Rodriquez

Administrative Assistant

Mireya has exceptional organizational skills and is detail-oriented in ways that contribute positively to the daily operations of the firm. Personable, with strong communication skills, Mireya promotes a healthy office culture and selflessly supports consultants and clients.