Paulson Community, Residential Care



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GBP Construction

This unique facility integrates architectural design and programmatic curriculum in a way that fundamentally challenges long-held patterns of traditional institutional care. Healing and humane architecture supports care for residents with a wide variety of disabilities, including but not limited to autism, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, and seizure disorders. This licensed residential care facility for developmentally disabled ambulatory adults consists of a small cluster of four separate structures intentionally designed to create a welcoming, neighborhood–like atmosphere.

Three of the buildings, or “pods,” constitute the living environment for 15 full-time residents with private, fully accessible bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as support space for staff. Each pod houses five residents, creating a smaller community within the larger program. Within these three pods, residential units surround an ample gathering space where daylight is brought into the open kitchen, dining, and living area through dormer windows.

Across the courtyard is a community building, with offices and administration functions accessed from a public entryway. The community building provides places to work and socialize and includes support spaces for programs and activities, with a non-commercial food prep area, spiritual space, wellness space, and office/administrative areas.