Henry’s House
of Coffee


San Francisco

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Year Completed


Construction Partner

Guzman Construction

This family-owned roastery and coffee house in the Sunset District of San Francisco, California, was facing a paradigm shift. The way people experience coffee houses has changed, with many new competitors entering the market over the last decade. Henry’s House of Coffee tasked PHA with renovating their shop to set them apart from the myriad other options by being perceived as “the parent in the room.”

The owners wanted a shop that encompassed their recent rebranding by marketing their business as not only a coffee house, but a master roastery, where craft coffee is produced in-house.

The tenant improvements included creating visibility between the front and back-of-house processes, updating the service area to meet accessibility standards, and updating the façade to create a destination on the street.

The shop’s mission is focused on customizing each customer’s experience, introducing them to the science behind the beverage. Pragmatic solutions for issues related to bulk storage, production, and point of sale are married with the individual consumer’s experience and synthesized into the architecture, perfectly reflecting the company’s mission. By shifting the roaster to a front and center position, customers can observe the care and expertise of the roasting process, then taste and experience what truly sets Henry’s House of Coffee apart.

Henry's House
of Coffee