Peter Lau


Peter Lau has been practicing architecture for more than 23 years and has specialized in both public and private sector projects.

He believes that architecture has a significant impact in people’s lives and tries to bring the human element into projects. Creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetic is a critical part of his design approach. A successful project is one which the architecture exceeds the user’s expectations—and Peter ensures that our team consistently overdelivers.

Education & Certifications

Peter received his Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and attended the Washington Alexandria Architecture Center (WAAC) as part of their student exchange program. He is also the project leader for the Lemoore High School Event Center, recipient of the Award of Honor from Leroy F. Green Design Awards; The Georgia, recipient of an AIASJ Award of Merit; and Betty Rodriguez Library, recipient of an AIASJ Award of Honor.

Community Engagement

Peter Lau is past president for two consecutive terms of Construction Specification Institute, Fresno Chapter (CSI).

Described as

“My friends have described me as ‘average with punctuations of weirdness.’ I am not sure what they are trying to say.”

One food forever

“Breakfast burritos. Anytime, anyday.”

Working tunes

“Typically, I listen to podcasts during the day. If I just want mindless tunes, it would be classic rock of the 70s.”

Favorite PHA project

“My favorite project at PHA is the Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center. Besides being a project that is dedicated to the growth and education of children from the kindergarten to high school, it was truly a collaborative experience with the owner, the designer, and the contractor. Each person brought their expertise to the project and left any ego at the door. What we have created was a simple and expressive building that was met the school’s needs, completed within budget, and something that the students are proud of.”