Carolyn Halajian, MBA

Director of Administration

Carolyn brings over 25 years of experience in organization development and human resources, having worked as an internal consultant for Kaiser Permanente, Mervyn’s, and SinglePoint Outsourcing, and currently maintains a private consulting practice.

Always creative, she began her career in the buying offices at Macy’s and as a product manager for a toy company. Add to that staying at home for the several years to raise three boys, Carolyn has covered a lot of ground. She focuses on the financial and human resources sides of the business, as well as assisting with marketing and other tasks around the office.

Carolyn loves being a part of a creative, artistic organization once again. Similar to designing functional and beautiful buildings, she believes that creating healthy, productive organizations means being guided by a set of shared values, striving towards accomplishing a shared vision, and creating an efficient, productive, and enjoyable work environment. With that in mind, she approaches human resource management with the goal of supporting and reinforcing our values of collaboration, mentoring, and nimble responses to changing environments.

When she is not working, she likes to read, do photography, garden, cook and entertain friends and family, paint, and play with the family dog, Stache.

Education & Certifications

Carolyn earned her Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in Marketing from Fresno State. She received her MBA with an emphasis in Organization Development from the University of Southern California.

Community Engagement

Carolyn leads Bible studies, is part of the Women’s Ministry Leadership Team at her church, and volunteered with the Good New Club at an inner-city elementary school.

Described as

“Creative, family-oriented, thoughtful, intuitive (that's a big one!), compassionate, and a bit sarcastic.”

Favorite PHA project

“I would say my favorite project has been our PHA off-sites (that’s where I get to design) where we discuss opportunities and issues facing our firm and our community, then develop plans to move our organization forward. If you are talking buildings, it is difficult to pick a favorite, there are so many, each with its own attributes. The variety of projects helps make this a dynamic and enjoyable place to work!”

One food forever

“Armenian! On a hot day, I would choose tabbouleh. If it were cold my choice would be hareesa (chicken and barley served with butter and cumin). I definitely gravitate towards my Armenian roots.”

Working tunes

“Talk radio… I can't listen to music without singing along, which is not optimal in the office! When not at work, I listen to classic rock, Christian, and classical.”