Yosemite Ave Medical



Sq. Ft.


Year Completed


Construction Partner

Quiring General, LLC

Two buildings that total 6,800 square feet of medical office space in Madera, California, were developed by a local physician who wished to occupy space at a prominent intersection close to the hospital.

The architecture chosen for the medical office complex features simple forms and materials with crisp detailing, a splash of color, and no ornament simply for ornament’s sake. Two sloped roof masses mark the office entries that occur at an interior plaza where office entries arise. Butt-glazed windows open the interior up to the exterior and admit views of trellis-woven wisteria beyond.

The trellis structures and the vines they support are featured prominently on the façade, where they are sustained by raised masonry planters to shade windows. These character-defining features provide shade and pleasant views looking out from interior spaces and highlight the interrelated connection between the natural and built environment that exists in the San Joaquin Valley.