Andres Diaz


Andres is a designer who is consistently looking forward.

His favorite part of his job is collaborating with, learning from, and helping others here at PHA, all in an effort to improve the built environment of our community. Andres is passionate about engaging in change and progress happening in Downtown Fresno and throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

He believes in socially responsible design, and that innovation arrives through collaboration, prototyping, and constant dialogue with creatives beyond the Central Valley and the architecture discipline. In regards to architecture and his work at PHA, he looks forward to the innovations to come, fundamental changes our youngest generation pushes for, and the progress of the built environment.

When he’s not in the office, Andres enjoys traveling to experience and learn from other cultures and societies.

Education & Certifications

Andres is an alumnus of Fresno City College, where he first discovered architecture. He moved to attend the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture as well as a Master’s of Architecture. He was a member of Team Las Vegas’ DesertSol House, who won 2nd Place overall at the 2013 Solar Decathlon. He won many awards at Design Village 2011 at Cal Poly for an inhabitable architecture installation.

Community Engagement

Andres is an editorial board member of arcCA Digest, the official magazine of AIA California, representing the San Joaquin Valley Region. He is also a co-founder of DESVGN, an organization that curates events to inform the public about design, architecture, and art. They run a podcast where they interview local artists, architects, and designers.

Described as

“A social introvert. Always keeping busy and experiencing the world.”

Favorite PHA project

“My first project was the adaptive reuse of a 100-year-old library in Downtown Madera, California. We redesigned the interior to be an art gallery and learning studio for the community. Although on hold, I can’t wait for this project to make an impact in the underserved community.”

One food forever

“Pizza. Endless opportunities for toppings.” Leave it to a designer to trick the system…

Working tunes

“I usually listen to whatever is playing in the office or listen to podcasts to stay informed about design, fashion, the economy, or ARE review, depending on the task at hand.”