PHA is always seeking the exact language to convey our work in a knowledgeable, concise, and visually attractive way to each client. We recognize that just as each project is unique; our work presentation must capture its specific audience in a unique and informative way.  PHA utilizes a variety of different media in order to accommodate all of our projects with the most fitting presentation methods in both formal and informal settings.  

For some projects we prepare technically advanced presentations with the help of 3D digital modeling, photorealistic rendering, and other methods for a more digital presentation.  PHA also relies heavily on more traditional means of project display such as hand sketching, hand rendering, and physical modeling acknowledging that these skills are the foundation of all projects and fit the presentation needs of many clients.

In all, we like to think of ourselves as interpreters of our clients’ needs and project parameters, therefore, to come up with a custom solution to each project means to come up with an equally tailored presentation that accurately depicts our work. Each of our different tools allows PHA to provide our clients with a project that is original and ideal for their needs.



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